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Youth center programmes

Health Programmes.

The Health Programme of international peace center seeks to reduce the burden of disease in Kenya by supporting the role of young people through annointed youth center and local health systems in the prevention and management of disease and general health development. The programme works under two key components of Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH) and HIV & AIDS.

The ASRH component seeks to improve health and social awareness of young people and facilitate their access to appropriate and user-friendly reproductive health information and services to enable a fulfilling reproductive health life. The HIV & AIDS component seeks to reduce the prevalence of HIV/AIDS among young people in Kenya and mitigate the socio-economic impact of the pandemic on young people and their communities.


 Democracy & Governance.

The D & G Programme seeks to expand and sustain the democratic space in Kenya by advocating for a strong institutional framework and enhancing the capacity of the citizenry in democracy and good governance. Specifically the programme seeks to:

a) Rebuild the democratic culture among young people in Kenya by enhancing their civic awareness around the ideals of nationhood, patriotism and constitutionalism;
b) Increase the level and quality of participation by young people in public policy, engaged governance and national development and improve the responsiveness of public policy to the development priorities of young people;
c) Reinforce accountability by public systems and institutions in the management of public resources and delivery of public services.

Environment & Livelihoods.

The E & L Programme aims to protect the environment and improve opportunities for young people towards secure and sustainable livelihoods. Specifically the programme seeks to:

1. Enhance awareness and facilitate reform of policy and legislation towards sustainable management of natural resources and the mitigation of the impact of climate change.
2. Promote effective home and industrial waste management and the use of renewable energy technologies to improve sanitation and reduce pollution.
3. Create and expand opportunities for sustainable livelihoods for young people in Kenya.

Justice & Human Rights.

The Justice and Human Rights Programme seeks to foster safer communities, promote human rights and improve the system of justice in Kenya. In particular the programme works to: advance access to justice for disadvantaged and marginalized children and young people in Kenya; promote crime prevention among young people and improve the effectiveness of the justice system in the rehabilitation and restoration of young offenders; and inculcate the respect for human rights and promote human rights principles as the basis for peace