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Program for the Disabled

we aim to:  

  • Enhance access to information by persons with disabilities. 
  • Provide to the public information on available services for persons with disabilities. 
  • Create awareness about disability as a human rights issue 

Disability...Not a choice

How much time do you give to a charity organization

Companies are now beginning to realize and appreciate the importance of including ethical values into their organisations. Being disabled can be a very difficult and lonely life. As members of the able bodied community, we should do our best help where ever and when ever possible.

In order to meet our objective, we operate the following programmes;

1. Rehabilitation Services

2. Poverty alleviation program (Economic Empowerment/micro credit program)

3. Education

4. Business Unit


Orthopaedic Clinics (Institutionalized Therapy)

We work closely with the Ministry of Medical Services in the rehabilitation and habilitation of persons with disabilities. The Ministry of Medical Services provides us with qualified rehabilitation officers to assist in service delivery. Our clinics constitutes of two units; Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. The services provided include;

• Therapy: physiotherapy and Occupational therapy

• Club Foot Care Management (C.T.E.V)

• Assessment and management of neurological cases

• Surgical intervention

• Weekly pediatric clinics

• Counseling and Nutrition Clinics

• Parents’ support groups

2. Poverty Alleviation Program (Economic Empowerment)

This is a program where we talk of “Express Poverty Reduction” as a vehicle to fulfilling our mission of empowering persons with disabilities economically, so as to make them become self reliant and fully integrated members of their communities.

To achieve this, we offer the following services to our clients;

1. Identify and recruit our members through the network of existing social empowerment services offered in Outreach (Mobile) Clinic, Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program, Internal Clinic and Workshops

2. Training in Group Cohesiveness & Leadership skills

3. Training in Business Skills and simple Book-keeping

4. offer loans at the lowest market rates using the “Grameen method” (Group Guarantor System) and individual Capital Investment of business start up where necessary

3. Education

• Educational assessment, school placement and appropriate referral through the Ministry of Education (MOE).

• Empowerment to schools on education inclusion and mainstreaming.

• Leisure and recreational activities-

• Inclusive sporting activities

• Operation of Day Care Centers

• School disability awareness program

4. Business unit

The Business unit was set up to offer training, employment and also acts as an outlet for selling products made by persons with disabilities.