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Embracing diversity in its truest form, the international peace center! Kenya team represents a spectrum of socio-cultural and professional diversity and gender parity. The organisation struggles to maintain gender parity, cultural responsiveness and demographic relevance without compromising on technical competence. As per this, we seek to provide opportunities for qualified young people to apply their technical skills and personal abilities in development work.

International Peace Center Africa secretariat is a multidisciplinary team of radiant, dynamic and highly talented young people. Displaying diversity in interest and skill, the team boasts an array of professionals from Doctors,Psychologists, accountants, lawyers, IT and development specialists. Read profiles of individuals currently comprising the Youthfull Team! Kenya team.


Dr.Cosmas Amwayi

Dr. Cosmas Amwayi


Dr.Cosmas Amwayi is the founder of International Peace Center Africa and Senior Research Fellow. He has experience of more than 7 years in managing charitable organizations.Cosmas is a former Country Director/Vice president at United States of America Healthcare Volunteer Inc and writer at Helium Inc, Boston publishing company. He has been honored and recognized for his contribution on global health, He's passionate about the role of young people in development and has in the last five years worked to give youth a platform on which they can be heard. He believes that with their passion, resilience and creativity, young people can change the world for the better


Country Director- Britain ,

Dr.Panagiotis Pentaris

Dr.Panagiotis Pentaris.


Panagiotis Pentaris is a PhD Researcher and a Research Assistant for the Social, Therapeutic and Community Sciences (STaCS). He is also a Research Assistant for the Faiths & Civil Society Union, Religious Literacy Leadership Programme and the Art Therapy Large Group Project.

Panagiotis background is in Social Work Science, Social Policy, and Psychotherapy. He is specialized in Thanatology, which remains his basic, from a broader scope, area of academic and field interest. He is also certified in Medical Psychology and Grant Writing/Proposals.

As a Social Worker, Panagiotis is qualified and/or licensed in different countries, as he is practicing International Social Work and Thanatology.
In particular, he is Licensed Social Worker (LSW) in Greece, USA, Singapore, and East Africa. He is also a Qualified Social Worker (QSW) in the UK and the Netherlands.

Globalization, Multiculturalism, Secularization, and Disenfranchisement are some of the core paradigms that he is following regarding his academic and field work. Informed by secular ages and multicultural societies, his current research work focuses on thanatological aspects of service delivery. Conceptualization of death, dying, and bereavement and the needs for intervention, concerning the gap between the systems and health care practitioners. The project has both clinical (micro) and policy (macro) expected outcomes.

He is working on smaller research projects based on thanatology as well.

He is an award and prize winning researcher. Some of the award delivery institutions include: NIH, NHS, Cambridge University, National Association of Social Workers (NASW), and IKY.

He is an academic contributor with ABC-Clio Publishing Company based in California and New York in the USA.

Author for the Social Work Helper National Network. www.socialworkhelper.com

Reviewer  and editor for the Canadian Journal for Queer Studies in Education, as well as the NOMOS Journal. 

Research Assistant for the Equality and Human Rights Commission in UK.

Scientific Member & Research Coordinator of the Psychosocial Oncology Research Network of Greece.

Keynote Speaker for Education at the General Oncology Hospital of Athens, Greece.

Some of his professional memberships include IFSW, NASW, NASWU, and ADEC.

Panagiotis' professional experience includes international practice. This includes grief counseling and therapy, community grief work, grief psychotherapy, direct/clinical social work, group social work, social policy planning/briefing/implementing, hospital and hospice social work, military social work, reintegration, migration, and human rights related practice.

He has a wide range of conference papers and presentations since 2005. Mainly presents for Global, International and National Conferences and Congresses, such as the World Congresses of IPOS and the International Pan-African Conferences of Social Work.

Panagiotis is also involved with field work and is affiliated with the Challenge Network, Care UK.


samuel wafula

Mr Samuel Wafula

Partnerships and Institutional Development Officer 

Email: sam@internationalpeacecenterafrica.org

Behind the quiet personality lies a passion for community development, research and working with young people. His knowledge and experience in research, sales and working with children has enabled him to assist in co-ordinating project activities in both the Democracy and Governance and Justice and Human Rights programs. For me success is when I see a project successfully take off  from start to finish but most of all seeing people’s lives changed and being able to realise their goals in life. This is especially so because, so many young people give excuses as to why they haven’t achieved what they set out to accomplish in life. I believe the youth have a lot of potential to create the future they would want to see. Being at international peace center! Kenya gives me a chance to work with talented people and it has opened doors for me to interact with people from all walks of life.


Winnie Okwaro

 Winnie Okwaro


public relations officer 


Winfred is an ambitious and outgoing young person who believes in the enormous potential of young people in Kenya and the rest of Africa. Passing as quiet in initial interactions, Winfred is an outspoken and sharp-minded young woman with a vast knowledge on the political as well as economic processes of Kenya and the world.